Virtual Conference

Dr. Solange Amorim

State Public Servant Hospital, Brazil

Title: Vitamin D intoxication in an older adult: case report


With the progression of aging and consequently increased chronic diseases such as osteoporosis and osteopenia, vitamin D supplementation (cholecalciferol) has been routinely prescribed. However, the indiscriminate use and non-control of this replacement can lead to intoxication and consequently systemic alterations. In order to raise the awareness of prescribing physicians, and especially elderly patients, the purpose of the case report is to warn about unregistered use and to disclose the various systemic symptoms, besides the damages of this intoxication, such as hypercalcemia and renal damage. In this report the case of an elderly patient who used a formula containing cholecalciferol ten years ago to treat chronic arthrosis. He arrived at the hospital with weight loss, acute kidney injury and hypercalcemia. After discarding neoplastic diseases, she was diagnosed with vitamin D intoxication. After treatment, there was symptomatic and laboratorial remission. From this report, we conclude that tthe geriatrician has a fundamental role of demystifying the use of polyvitamins and prescribing strictly when there is medical indication.