Virtual Conference

Dr. Mohamad Judha

Respati University Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Title: Development of a caring and motivational behavior learning module for Indonesian nurses


Background: Professional nursing services are provided by nurses to meet the basic needs of patients given to healthy and sick individuals or groups who experience physical, psychological and social disorders in order to achieve optimal health. However, in reality there are various shortcomings regarding the role of nurses, especially those related to providing direct services, such as not caring about providing services to patients. Various studies have not been able to explain why nurses behave this way and whether it is related to motivation in caring for patients. Several other opinions say that learning is needed about developing behavior and motivation to make it better for nurses. 

Objective: to build a nurse motivation training module so that the intensity increases so that the caring behavior provided can improve nurses' caring behavior for the better. 

Method: From 400 research participants, caring behavior data was obtained, most of which are best practices and highly motivated but need to be improved, especially from external motivation. The data was then deepened with the results of qualitative research using 11 participants. 

Results: Results obtained from several conditions such as things that cause motivation to behave in caring for patients. For this reason, every nurse who works uses something that can encourage motivation, one of which is through training which can be realized in the form of modules.

Conclusion: Nurses as part of health services have standards in carrying out nursing care, caring for patients as the main basis for acting, of course these actions are carried out because of motivation from within (intrinsic) and from outside (extrinsic) which influence the emergence of behavior related to the environment Work.

Keywords: Caring Behavior, Caring Motivation for Nurses, Nurse Training Module, Indonesian Nurses


Mohammad Judha, from the University of Respati Yogyakarta. He has completed his doctoral in human resources and in nursing sciences. He is a consultant in Mother’s and Child Hospital, resource development in West Java Indonesia. He is the member of the Indonesian Nurses Organization (2000-present), chairman of the Association of Indonesian Ners Educational Institutions  (AIPNI/AINEC) Regional VIII (2014-2022), he is also a members of the Medical Nurses' Association of Surgery (2016-Present) also a member of Association of Indonesian Ners Educational Institutions  (AIPNI/AINEC) (2020-Present).