Virtual Conference

Dr. Michael C. LaFerney

Quincy College, USA

Title: The SSRI debate - Some thoughts


A study in 2022 by researchers in the UK suggested that after an exhaustive review there was no evidence that low serotonin levels were a cause of depression The researchers concluded that telling patients using that SSRIs would aid their depression was giving the patient false hope based on a false theory Is this the same as when we provide cholinesterase inhibitors for patient with Alzheimer disease? These drugs may shown some statistical improvement but translate in to little real clinical benefit. When we prescribe an antibiotic for an infection and we have the right sensitivity we expect an almost 100 percent cure rate. Many psychiatric practitioners and drug companies have come to the rescue of the serotonin theory and point out what they feel were shortcomings in the research and offer evidence based examples of research and testimonies from patients who feel they were helped by the SSRIs Others point out the SSRI theory has been helpful and research into other neurotransmitter and their role in depression treatment is being explored.. Some studies show , however, placebos as effective as antidepressants.So what are some other factors in depression and SSRIs to be considered?