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Dr. Marjorie Kabinga-Makukula

Dr. Marjorie Kabinga Makukula

University of Zambia, Zambia

Title: Health-Related quality of life in chronic kidney disease patients on dialysis at the University Teaching Hospital-adult hospital in Zambia


The importance of determining Health related quality of life and how dialysis affects it in chronic kidney disease patients is well established. However, research is limited in establishing the health-related quality of life for chronic kidney disease patients on dialysis in Zambia. Further, the effects of haemoglobin levels and adequacy of dialysis on their health-related quality of life is unknown. The study sought to answer a research question:  What is the health-related Quality of Life for Chronic Kidney Disease patients on dialysis at University Teaching Hospital, in Zambia?

A cross-sectional analytical design was employed. Census sampling method was used to select 104 patients who sought dialysis services from the University Teaching Hospital-Renal Unit.  A structured interview schedule was used to collect data which was analyzed using the Stata software version 13. Chi-square tests and logistic regression analysis were employed to analyse the data. 

The study found that two-thirds of the patients had a good overall health-related quality of life with the biological wellbeing having exceptionally high scores. Low HB levels increased the odds of poor HRQoL. Integration of health-related quality of life assessment must be considered in the routine care of patients on dialysis.


Marjorie Kabinga Makukula completed her Ph.D. from the University of Zambia in 2015. She is a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Zambia in the School of Nursing Sciences and currently she is the coordinator for the newly developed MSc in Palliative Care Programme. She has published over 15 publications with a focus on NCDs and quality of life for patients with Non-communicable diseases. Currently she is involved in a WHO project on Package of Essential Non-communicable diseases interventions (PEN Plus) as a Training Consultant and her work involves developing training materials on NCDs for Health Care Professionals at secondary level of health care provision. She is passionate about providing education and mentorship to students and caring for patients with life-limiting conditions.