Virtual Conference

Dr. Fauzi Budi Satria

SingHealth Duke NUS Global Health Institute, Indonesia

Title: Revolutionizing palliative care management through personal health records


In the contemporary healthcare landscape, irrational medication prescribing remains a persistent challenge. This predicament largely arises from the lack of integration in drug prescription systems, consequently heightening the risk of polypharmacy. This issue is particularly pronounced among patients receiving palliative care, given the multifaceted nature of their symptoms. This paper advocates for an enhanced healthcare system, featuring the implementation of Personal Health Records (PHRs), positioned as a comprehensive solution to mitigate polypharmacy risks within the palliative care domain. The fundamental objective of this approach is twofold: to avert irrational medication in palliative patients and to establish a seamless and universally accessible platform for medication outcome monitoring. PHRs hold the promise of enabling healthcare providers to access patient records comprehensively, regardless of time and location. Furthermore, this system has the potential to minimize the occurrence of unfavorable drug interactions that may culminate in toxic side effects or, at the very least, compromise drug efficacy. Several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Estonia, Sweden, Singapore, and Taiwan, have embraced advanced PHR systems. However, the adoption of this approach raises concerns regarding data security, user-friendliness, integration with healthcare providers, and the convenience of accessing and managing health information. Users must also ensure that any PHR system aligns with the pertinent privacy and security regulations in their respective jurisdictions. Post-COVID-19, global healthcare systems have undergone reforms towards integration. PHRs offer a potential solution to enhance medication management and patient health outcomes, though resource limitations may hinder progress, especially in low and lower-middle-income countries. Achieving healthcare equity and equality may face challenges, potentially delaying the system's full potential realization due to the trade-off between healthcare system improvement and meeting basic human needs.

Keywords: Personal Health Record, Health System, Palliative Care, Global Health