Virtual Conference
Palliative Care 2024

Dr. Amit Jain

Dharamshila Rahat Medical Centre, India

Title: Music therapy in palliative care as an adjunct for care of chronic stroke patients


Stroke is one of the most common non communicable disease and it is a leading cause of morbidity sequalae of stroke leaves patient with dysphagia, motor dysfunction, cognitive interference, aphasia and other psychological issues. Music therapy helps to retrain the brain and this re wiring of brain is known as neuroplasticity which helps in rehabilitation.

Aim: To evaluate role of music therapy along with medical management in patients with stroke and to know if it can improve the quality of life. 

Method: 20 patients (16 males and 4 females) with confirmed diagnosis of stroke admitted in hospital between July 22 to Dec 22 were enrolled. Patient were exposed to music in form of listening to music, creating music/rhythm, or moving their body in sync with music along with their medical management for 30 min in a day till they get discharged from hospital. Daily functional status was checked on the parameters of hands n fingers coordination, gait, cognition, aphasia and asking about general wellbeing in relation to anxiety and depression and were recorded. 

Results:  In a total of 20 patients, 6(30%) patients showed significant improvement in speech and expressive language skills, 5 (25%) patients shown some improvement in cognition, 4 (20%)patients showed better gait coordination and 3 (15%) patient showed fine motor and hands -fingers coordination. 

Conclusions: Integrating Music therapy in stroke patients is safe, simple, convenient and should be incorporated with other traditional management. 


Amit Jain is a consultant palliative care specialist at LYF Hospital, Indirapuram, and Dharamshila Rahat Medical Centre (DRMC), Delhi.