Virtual Conference

Dr. Agustina De Santis

Hospital de Clínicas, Uruguay

Title: Characterization and follow up of a population of Uruguayan medical cannabis users


Background: Cannabis is known for its therapeutic properties from historical times, but in the last time a special interest on this field has emerged. Since 2013, Uruguay has a law that regulates the possession and use of the cannabis plant. The aim of this study is to characterize the use of medical cannabis in a population of Uruguay. 

Methods: We conducted a prospective, observational study in a medical cannabis user’s population. They were surveyed by telephone using two questionnaires. 

Results: Thirty-two users of medical cannabis between 29 and 78 years old were included. Most of them were female, and the main indication of medical cannabis was for pain treatment, being osteoarthritis the most common cause. All users had moderate or severe pain prior to treatment, and post-treatment a decrease in pain intensity was observed in 65% of the patients. The main adverse effect was dry mouth. It is necessary to continue studying medical cannabis use to improve our local evidence. 


Agustina De Santis, graduated from school of Medicine at Montevideo, Uruguay is a pharmacology and therapeutics professor, and currently she is finishing her studies as Anesthesiologist. She works at the Hospital de Clínicas, facultad de medicina (hospital attending practionner), and she does research in medical cannabis, and pharmacovigilance. Since 2018 she is being studying medical cannabis in Uruguay, its therapeutic uses, main adverse events, and prescription. She has a number of publications on this field, and had participated in congress and meetings about medical cannabis. In 2022 she participated in the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics exchanging and exposing the role of medical cannabis in pain treatment in adults and pediatric patients.