Dr. Doron Garfinkel

Prof. Doron Garfinkel

Homecare Hospice Israel Cancer Association, Israel


Doron Garfinkel graduated school of medicine at Tel Aviv University in 1973. Specializations in internal medicine, palliative medicine, and geriatrics; 2-year fellowship, clinical pharmacology, Stanford university medical center, California. Previously head of a Geriatric-Palliative department at the Shoham geriatric center, in Israel, currently deputy head of the Homecare Hospice of the Israel Cancer Association, and Head, of the center for appropriate medication use, Sheba medical center in Israel (ranked among the 10 best hospitals in the world by Newsweek). Main clinical and research activities concentrate on age-associated diseases & end of life topics, original research on sleep disorders and controlled release of melatonin, and SEVERAL STUDIES on rational deprescribing. In his longitudinal studies, Prof. Garfinkel has proven that rational massive deprescribing is associated with longstanding improvement in quality of life and clinical outcomes including functional, mental, and cognitive status, and is both efficacious and safe. In 2013, Prof. Garfinkel has founded IGRIMUP - International Group for Reducing Inappropriate Medication Use & Polypharmacy. IGRIMUP now includes more than 140 international experts from 26 countries.

Research Interest

Internal Medicine, Poly-de-prescribing, Polypharmacy, Palliative Medicine & Geriatrics, and Dementia.