Virtual Conference
Dr. Juliana Felipelli Bernardes

Dr. Juliana Felipelli Bernardes

Hospital Municipal Joao Fernandes Do Carmo, Brazil

Title: The importance of nursing and multidisciplinary team in palliative care


Aim: To demonstrate the difficulty of implementing palliative care in the public hospitals in the city of Brumadinho/MG, due to the lack of preparation of health professionals and also the laws in force, patients encounter several difficulties when trying to apply the constitutional principle of dignity of the person. which consists in living and dying with dignity? And it seeks to understand the importance of nurses in palliative care, and to present the role of Nurses in maintaining and promoting the health of the public. 

Methodology: This is a literature review, in which a total of 30 articles were analyzed and selected for the preparation of this article, only 16 articles. 

Justificatory: It was possible to note during the bibliographic research, the low production of scientific material related to the palliative care that the nurse and his team directs to the patient, which emphasizes even more the importance of this study.

Results: From the analysis of the articles were selected the studies that contemplate the proposed theme and, that is relevant to the practice of the nurses in the terminal care, insofar as they can provide security and patient reception. In addition, it was noted the absence of public policies and adherence by all institutions in Brazil. To provide the dying process with dignity for all patients. As for palliative care, the results were achieved since it was seen that an important skill for nurses and the multidisciplinary team of palliative care is to be able to make accurate assessments, lead, plan and have a human look and empathy when practicing care. These assessments result in the ability of the nursing and multidisciplinary team to develop plans to deal with symptoms and side effects. And so the patient and family have quality and comfort in the final moments.


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